Daniel is a builder, dreamer, and music nerd. Originally from the Ozarks of southwest Missouri, where he studied biology and environmental science, Daniel moved to WNC in early 2015. He spent the majority of his adult life honing skills that would help him pursue a dream of homesteading, including apprenticing on two different small farms, working as an arborist, and finally as a carpenter. Calm and genial by nature, Daniel is happy to talk vegetables with anyone eager to know more about local agriculture.



Ellie is a gardener, creative, and helper. She recently graduated from Warren Wilson College, located within the valleys of Western North Carolina with a major in psychology, along with a triple minor in art, biology, and neuroscience. During her time there, she spent her days working in the garden, hanging out with the vegetables! At Smallholding Farm, she specializes in creating a strong connection between the community and the land. Ellie seeks to find ways in which to branch her passions, creative outlets, and wellness principles into the Smallholding community.  

Meet Your Farmers

Daniel Bryant and Ellie Goldstein