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  1. an agricultural holding smaller than a farm.

Daniel and Ellie practice minimal-to-no-till agriculture and take great effort to nourish living soil. Adding in a variety of compost and mulches into their beds rejuvenates their land and makes for extra delicious and nutrient-dense vegetables. Smallholding values quality, customer transparency, ease of connection for produce, and ecologically sound land stewardship. 

What started as a quarter-acre plot in Alexander, North Carolina, is now a 1.5-2 acre production in Morganton, NC. While the land continues to grow, the teams intentions and goals for the farm stay true to each other and the surrounding communities values.

Smallholding Farm is the culmination of almost thirty years of passion for agriculture, first found on Daniel Bryant’s grandparents' farm as a young child. Through an unrelenting work ethic and a natural penchant for growing good food, Smallholding was officially born in the spring of 2020. 


 While Daniel focused on the land, Ellie saw the potential this farm had for supplying and supporting the local community with rich produce. She focused on finding small restaurants, local markets, and CSA customers interested in our produce, and doing some behind the scenes work to bring this garden to life! 

Smallholding Farm is a blend of dreamers looking to support one another's ideas and intentions for the farm.  

Located in Morganton, NC


Looks good, tastes good.

In our customer's words


Daniel and Ellie have created an ethical and humanely practiced business that is thoughtful and loving. The foods are not just organic and healthy, but delicious too! I love using their vegetables in all sorts of recipes. From summer skewers to fall soups I am consistently eating tasty meals that make me feel good. 

Trevor H.


Smallholding Farm never disappoints! I’m blown away with the quality and quantity of produce I get each with my Smallholding Farm CSA. Even more impressive is how long the produce stays fresh! The delivery service makes it so convenient and I’m excited each week when my box is at my doorstep! 

Barbara K.


Smallholding Farm is amazing! I was impressed by their food, passion, knowledge, and professionalism. The food is not only delicious, but adorable! Ellie and Daniel have such a passion for growing food and cooking. They were super helpful, and eager to answer all my questions. I love their email newsletters with awesome recipes and photos of the farm!

Adam M.


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Smallholding Farm

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