Community Supported Agriculture

2022 CSA Boxes Available! 

2022 CSA Sign-Up Information

Hey Folks! Spring is around the corner, and we are excited to tell you about our spring/summer CSA! For those of you who are new to the concept, CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Smallholding Farm values the importance of sharing locally grown produce with the Asheville community. We love sharing recipes, giving weekly updates, and including photos of what is happening on our end, and we love seeing what you all create on your end! This gives us the opportunity to create a community centered around regenerative agricultural practices. We feel passionate about putting good food into the hands of our neighbors.   

If you're interested, please consider if a CSA box is the best method of supporting our farm for you. A CSA is a weekly commitment throughout the spring and summer season. It will offer produce that is in line with what grows best in our climate and during these next two seasons. If you are away a lot in the summer or have very specific dietary restrictions/sensitivities, our markets and grocery store options may be a stronger fit for you, as you have more control over what produce you will get. 

Here is how it works!

1 size share available. One box will include 7-10 items per week at a $30 - $35 value. We do not offer substitutions unless you have an allergy.   

Price - $30 a week to be paid each Sunday prior to receiving your box. The email we send each week will continue to remind you of our weekly payment methods. If you would like to pay in full, please let us know. 


Delivery - $7 a week, $37 total. Please let us know if you would like this option. We will deliver to your house on the same day each week. The price has increased a tad, due to the increased weekly mileage. Please consider picking up at our free pick-up locations.     

Pick-up locations - Our pick-up locations will include each market we are at (TBD: East Asheville and Morganton Farmers Market). We are also in the process of finding one more pick-up spot in the week close to AVL/Mills River, keep you all posted! 

We have 20 shares available.  

- CSA begins the week of May 1st and ends the week of October 1st (22 weeks). We have pushed the start day back, as well as the end date to increase summer and early fall produce for you all! 

You will receive: 

- A secure box each week. 

- First priority on early harvest items and specialty items before they hit the markets and grocery stores. 

- 10% off additional farmers market purchases at our booth. 

Good Faith Clause: We want to be transparent when we say, as farmers, we work with mother nature. That being said, some things are out of our control, such as weather and certain loss of crops. We hope that by supporting our CSA, you will join with good faith that Smallholding Farm will work very hard to continuously provide you with produce, with the promise that you continue to show you support by paying the weekly fee. 

Because boxes are limited, please email us at to notify us that you are interested and committed to joining and we will get back to you shortly. 


Thanks for supporting local agriculture!