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Smallholding x Sadgi Fungi

Smallholding Farm and Sadgi Fungi are a dynamic duo, cultivating their cultures to offer a unique and flavorful experience. Combining the art of mushroom cultivation and the science of farming, they're committed to minimal to no-till, organic methods. Find our locally sourced produce and delicious fungi at markets, CSAs, and wholesalers.


Meet James

James Bryant, owner of Sadgi Fungi and younger brother of Farmer Daniel from Smallholding Farm, has been active in the mushroom world for five years. He brings a chef's eye to guide and educate customers on cooking the perfect mushrooms at home. As a man of many talents, you can find him in a kitchen, on the dance floor, or at the farmers market. 


The duality of culture from Smallholding Farm and Sadgi Fungi offers a unique and flavorful experience for foodies and scientists alike.


We partner with nature to bring you diverse, hand-crafted experiences. Using minimal to no-till techniques, we grow vegetables, herbs, and flowers while preserving and protecting every inch of our land.

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