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About Us



an agricultural holding smaller than a farm

Agriculture and Conservation Converge

Nestled on 3 acres of flat land in Morganton, North Carolina, Smallholding Farm has undergone a remarkable transformation. What was once a simple plot with farmland, fruit trees, and an old, partially deconstructed barn, is now a thriving oasis of regenerative agriculture.


With the addition of 3 hoop houses and a small heated propagation house, the farm has expanded its capacity to grow a diverse range of crops while embracing sustainable practices such as seasonal cover-cropping, animal rotation, pollinator gardens, and conservation efforts. Every inch of the farm is thoughtfully managed by Dan and Ellie, who are passionate about cultivating a sustainable future through their work.


How We Started

Smallholding Farm started in 2020 in Alexander, NC. They grew specialty produce for Asheville restaurants, but the pandemic led to a shift to a CSA farm. They learned small business management with Ellie and moved to 3 acres in Morganton.

How We Farm

Using a minimal to No-Till system, we nourish living soil with compost, cover crops, and amendments. Field photosynthesis, companion planting, tarping, and minimal tillage help us run our garden efficiently and build healthy soils.

Sustainable Evolution

We partner with the natural world to bring you diverse veggies, herbs, flowers, and experiences. We value every inch of this land through ecological farming and strive to protect and preserve it.


Meet The Farmers

Meet Ellie

With a degree in Psychology from Warren Wilson College, Ellie is a creative and empathetic doer with land management, teamwork, and marketing skills. She built Smallholding Farm by uniting farmer communities and creating a successful business model. On Fridays, you can find Ellie at farmer's markets or enjoying wine at Leo’s.


Meet Daniel

Dan, a certified arborist, and carpenter, is a hard-working thinker and dreamer passionate about land management and homesteading. He brings the farm to life daily with his diverse skills and natural ability to grow food. You can find him at 5 am researching land management or enjoying a cold one with friends.


We partner with nature to bring you diverse, hand-crafted experiences. Using minimal to no-till techniques, we grow vegetables, herbs, and flowers while preserving and protecting every inch of our land.

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